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Kadyrov's Immediate Family Members Come To Kremlin’s Hospital

Kadyrov's Immediate Family Members Come To Kremlin’s Hospital

It is difficult to say whether the Chechen leader is still alive.

Chechnya leader Ramzan Kadyrov is still in the Russian capital, in Moscow, where he was hospitalized when his health worsened. Kadyrov is either in a coma or in a very serious condition.

This was stated by Chechen human rights activist Musa Lomaev. He also stated that it is difficult to say whether the head of Chechnya is still alive. His words on the night of September 19 were quoted by Russian media, obozrevatel.com reports.

“Kadyrov’s immediate family members came to the Kremlin’s hospital,” Lomaev said.

Information that the relatives of the Chechen leader left for Moscow appeared on September 17. Now they are probably with Kadyrov.

“We have information that Kadyrov is in one of the Moscow hospitals. It is impossible to say whether he is alive or dead. But we got information yesterday that his immediate family members had already left for Moscow. This means that Kadyrov is in serious condition,” Lomaev said.

Lomaev also said that Ramzan Kadyrov began abusing drugs after he received unlimited power in Chechnya. He later underwent rehabilitation, which resulted in his changed appearance and incoherent speech.

“Drug addiction led to the fact that internal parts of his body began to “fail”. Every time we saw him on air, on video, at meetings, it was as if he had undergone some kind of therapy. He was always swollen and spoke incoherently. These are the consequences of rehabilitation,” the human rights activist explained.

A native of Grozny, Musa Lomaev survived torture in police custody. Despite extracted confessions of terrorism, banditry and murder, the man was unexpectedly acquitted in the Supreme Court of Chechnya, after which he left Russia.

Let us recall that, according to Ukrainian sources in the Chechen diaspora, Kadyrov underwent kidney transplant surgery, but the organ did not take root.

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