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Romanian Monk Beats Up Belarusian One On Mount Athos In Greece

Romanian Monk Beats Up Belarusian One On Mount Athos In Greece

After drinking wine and having a theological dispute.

In one of the monasteries on the holy Mount Athos, two monks - a Romanian and a Belarusian - quarreled after drinking alcohol, and then the first one beat up the second one. This is reported by the "Belarus and the World," referring to the Greek media.

According to the publication, the incident occurred on Sunday, September 17, at about 18.30 in the yard of the Serbian monastery Hilandar.

According to preliminary data, the monks drank two bottles of wine, after which a conflict arose between them - presumably because of a dispute over theological issues.

It is reported that the 35-year-old Romanian monk beat up the 52-year-old Belarusian one with his hands and legs, as well as with a plastic bottle. As a result, the latter was injured.

The victim was taken to the Carion medical centre and rendered first aid there, and then - to the hospital in Polygyros, where he was treated for facial injuries.

Our compatriot stated that he did not want his opponent to be prosecuted and did not want the beatings to be recorded by a forensic expert. Nonetheless, the Romanian was detained, he is suspected of causing bodily harm. The case will be heard by the Court of Non-Serious Offences in Thessaloniki.

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