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Russian Special Services Start Fleeing From Tokmak

Russian Special Services Start Fleeing From Tokmak

The town is within the range of the AFU's artillery.

Deputy of Zaporizhzhia regional Council Askad Ashurbekov noted that Tokmak is already in the zone of reach of the AFU barrel artillery.

He said about this on air of the "Espreso" TV channel.

"Tokmak is one of the key centres for the occupants. The enemy used the town as a base to accumulate ammunition and manpower. The advance of the AFU in the south already allows to hit the logistics centres and the accumulation of the occupants. The evacuation of Russian special services and some so-called authorities has already begun from Tokmak. Despite Tokmak has not been liberated yet, our military have already solved an important strategic task," Ashurbekov emphasised.

According to him, Tokmak is being used less and less by the occupants as a base for large numbers of military personnel and ammunition.

"Tokmak is already in the range of the AFU's barrel artillery. And this significantly reduces the enemy's defence capabilities. The Russians can no longer accumulate large quantities of ammunition close to the front line. The enemy's logistical chains are increased and the defence line is weakened. Given the military tactics, the AFU may not need to fight to liberate the town. Perhaps the Defence Forces will outflank the town and force the occupants to retreat from Tokmak," Ashurbekov said.

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