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Media: Mysterious 'Rolls Royce' With Motorcade Appears Near Kremlin Hospital, Where Kadyrov Staying

Media: Mysterious 'Rolls Royce' With Motorcade Appears Near Kremlin Hospital, Where Kadyrov Staying

What's going on?

According to a source of the VCHK-OGPU telegram channel, the Central Clinical Hospital (CCH) in Moscow is being guarded by Chechen fighters, most of them have moved to the building where the intensive care unit is located. A limousine which may belong Adam Delimkhanov has been spotted on the site.

After the photographs of the cars belonging to the 95th region on the territory of the Central Clinical Hospital of the Presidential Administration, published by the VChK-OGPU, the fighters from Chechnya "disguised themselves".

In the morning the "Gelendvagens" and government cars, which are registered with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chechen Republic, left the clinic. Those who remained were asked to disperse first, and then there was a "general gathering" in the car park behind the 5th therapeutic building.

In total, there are at least 6 cars driven by Chechen natives on the territory of the Central Clinical Hospital.

This time almost all the cars have hidden number plates: among them are two "yesterday's" Mercedes (one blocking the exits from the forest, the other one, O013OO95, is driven by two sturdy men with beards and wearing khaki coloured suits), a Mercedes with Crimean number plates and a mysterious Rolls Royce with a motorcade of two cars. Any attempts to approach the luxury car are thwarted by Chechens who are scattered around.

"It is likely that Adam Delimkhanov arrived by this car. His guards are behaving politely. You can clearly see that the licence plate is Chechen, and the escort included MMA and YKH, who are also not few in the territory. There are actually many more Chechen fighters than their vehicles. A lot of them are inside. If you don't go behind this building, where there is an intensive care unit, you wouldn't suspect anything, the hospital is operating as usual, people are walking along the street," a source of the VCHK-OGPU reports from the Central Clinical Hospital.

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