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Feigin: Putin Humiliated On Incredible Scale

Feigin: Putin Humiliated On Incredible Scale

Russia has dramatically plummeted to the bottom.

The Russian Federation has descended from Dugin's "solar" theories and his project to create a Eurasian superpower to the point where the Russian president has to beg ammunition from impoverished North Korea.

Russian opposition activist, journalist and legal scholar Mark Feigin said this in an interview with Natalia Vlaschenko.

"It's not North Korea that has gone up, it's Russia that has gone down. These are its friends now (Iran and the DPRK), before whom it is necessary to beg so humiliatingly and subserviently for shells and ammunition in order to wage a war which in general is impossible to win," the expert said.

According to Feigin, this is humiliation of the country on an unbelievable scale, but the Russians accept it, moreover, they make themselves believe by self-aggrandisement that the counter-offensive of the AFU has stopped and almost all Ukrainian troops have been killed and equipment destroyed.

"But the counter-offensive is still going on and continues both in the East and in the South. And the strikes on Crimea will continue until the Russian Federation stops the war, because it was it that invaded and unleashed all this," Feigin emphasised.

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