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Employees At Three Companies Arrested In Lida

Employees At Three Companies Arrested In Lida

They also forced workers to watch propaganda at another company.

Politically motivated arrests continue in Lida, and workers at the Milk Canning Plant are forced to watch propaganda films, Lida human rights activists reported. According to them, the authorities sell confiscated phones officially.

According to human rights activists, there were arrests at the Beltex Optic enterprise on September 21-22.

Also on September 22, people were arrested at the Lakokraska company, as well as at the Housing and Public Utilities Lida State Unitary Enterprise. “An accountant was arrested in the Housing and Public Utilities. Most likely, ‘visitors’ from Hrodna are carrying out arrest raids,” human rights activists reported.

Also, an ideologist appeared at the Lida Milk Canning Plant - the former head of the Traffic Police Department of the Lida District Department of Internal Affairs, Aliaksandr Shvakel. According to human rights activists, all employees were required to sign the Code of Corporate Ethics. There, in addition to the corporate style of clothing and other things, it is stated that following ‘extremist’ sources is inadmissible, human rights activists say.

“In addition, workers should not: contact each other, talk or gather in groups. They have no right to tell anyone about what developments at the plant. Five people were invited first to talk about Art. 19.11 Code of Administrative Offenses, then they were forced to watch propaganda films,” human rights activists said.

According to them, mobile phones confiscated from detainees are on sale in the Your Choice confiscation store on Adam Mitskevich Street in the city.

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