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Ukrainian Officer: Belarusian Troops Are Highly Likely To Take Part In War

Ukrainian Officer: Belarusian Troops Are Highly Likely To Take Part In War

Did Putin plan a new operation against Kyiv?

Russia may be preparing a new offensive against Kyiv from the territory of Belarus. Reserve Major of the National Guard of Ukraine, veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war Oleksiy Hetman told Charter97.org about this:

– My assumption regarding Belarus is based on the fact that the Russians decided to conduct a full-scale offensive in the winter of this year along the entire eastern front line in Ukraine.

Up to 20,000 troops of the Russian Federation are still based in Belarus. This cannot be considered a group that can conduct offensive actions. But it is worth noting the strengthening of sabotage and reconnaissance activities. In nine cases out of ten, the intensification of the activities of sabotage and reconnaissance groups (sabotage and reconnaissance groups) indicates the planning of hostilities.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy also spoke about the need to strengthen the northern border. Since there is a danger of a Russian offensive on Chernihiv, Sumy, the Kyiv regions and Kyiv City.

In turn, the head of Chernihiv said that it is estimated that the Russians need a maximum of three weeks to transfer troops in this direction and attack Sumy, the Chernihiv region or the city of Kyiv.

I emphasize that it is too early to say that they have prepared and will launch an offensive in the coming days. But theoretically, there is such a possibility and they have already formed a unit of about 20,000 troops, and there were only five.

I think that they can now prepare warehouses and bases to accommodate troops and deploy weapons. They should be dispersed at least at a distance of several kilometers (and preferably tens of kilometers), so that a large group cannot be destroyed with one blow.

Places for vehicles, fuels and lubricants should also be built. That is, such training is carried out. But it is premature to say that an offensive from the north may begin in the coming days.

– Can the Belarusian military be involved in such an offensive?

– They can, if Lukashenka approves the use of the Belarusian troops. According to the "collective security treaty", Putin can offer Lukashenka that Belarusian troops take part in the war on the territory of Ukraine, and not just help prepare Russian troops.

The likelihood is high. This will be a great misfortune for the entire Belarusian people. After all, then Belarus will become a full-fledged participant in the war, an aggressor.

Ukraine will have the right to strike military targets on the territory of the enemy. I would not like to shoot at Belarus, but if at least one Belarusian soldier crosses our borders with weapons in his hands, we will retaliate.

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