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Russian A-50 Could Be Shot Down With New Modified Missile

Russian A-50 Could Be Shot Down With New Modified Missile

A military expert speaks about the most interesting moment of the daring operation of the Ukrainian forces.

The downing of the Russian A-50 aircraft over the Sea of Azov destroyed the myth of another unique Russian weapon.

Oleksandr Kovalenko, Ukrainian military and political columnist of the Information Resistance Group, stated this in an interview with Charter97.org:

– To begin with, the most important and interesting question is the one that will not be answered at least soon. Namely: What was the weapon? Because the means that Ukraine officially has, even the Patriot air defence system, to put it mildly, do not have quite a range to reach the place where the Il-22M was damaged and the A-50 destroyed.

It is possible that some other, more interesting, high-tech means were used. Perhaps some new modified missiles or other methods of destruction.

It is fair to say that the A-50 performed its functions very well. This is a good airborne early warning and reconnaissance aircraft. It not only allowed the detection of Ukrainian aviation in the airspace, as well as detecting and preventing the launches of Storm Shadow/SCALP-EG cruise missiles, but also engaged in additional targeting for Russian missiles, for raids of their tactical aviation. In addition, the Russians used them to increase the range of the S-400 air defence system. That is, it was performing its functions.

But the fact is that Russian aircraft, which they call the most modern, "unparalleled in the world", does not demonstrate the qualities expected from it when it meets Western weapons.

This was the case with the Khinzal missiles. Shoigu stated that this missile could not be intercepted, but as soon as Ukraine had the Patriot air defence system, the Khinzal was intercepted from the very first shot.

Medvedev also complimented T-90 tanks, although more than 100 of them have already been destroyed in Ukraine. A video appeared quite recently: the M2A2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle simply shoots it at point-blank range. The tank crew was not saved by the armor either. This is a unique case when an IFV shot a tank.

I do not exclude that for the Russian realities, the A-50 performed its functions and was the pinnacle of technological thought. When meeting with some new weapons, it could not even see the missile that flew in its direction.

– How can the shooting down of the A-50 affect the course of hostilities in Ukraine?

– This will not be felt critically at once, but in general, I will explain how these aircraft were used. They were used on duty, flying into the airspace of the Russian Federation and the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine. Their route also passed through the Sea of Azov.

Five boards were periodically on duty one after another to provide almost 24/7 all information to the Russian occupation forces about the situation in the airspace of Ukraine.

Now they have four sides. Consequently, they will either increase shifts or there will be “white spots”. For some time they may be deprived of complete information since they will plot routes at a safer distance. Then they will not receive full information about the Ukrainian rear.

It is important that this aircraft is not currently produced in Russia, it is impossible to resume its production. This is an irreparable loss for them.

– The Ukrainian forces have already flooded the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation and a unique aircraft was shot down. Which symbol of the Russian defence industry may be the next?

– T-14 Armata or Su-57 fighter jet.

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