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Roman Svitan: Lukashenka Will Receive Good Blow To Head With A Club From NATO

Roman Svitan: Lukashenka Will Receive Good Blow To Head With A Club From NATO

Russia has already started a hybrid war with the Alliance.

Next week, NATO will hold its largest exercise in 30 years, Exercise Steadfast. Maneuvers will also take place on the border with the Kaliningrad region and Belarus. 90 thousand military personnel from all countries of the bloc, as well as Sweden, will take part in the exercises.

What signal is NATO sending to Putin and Lukashenka? The Charter97.org website spoke about this with Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, pilot-instructor Roman Svitan:

— In these exercises, the main legend (a specially encrypted action according to which the exercises are practiced) is an attempt by Russian-Belarusian troops to break through from Belarus to Kaliningrad along the so-called Suwałki corridor.

This is a hypothetical name. There is no corridor as such, it is simply a border line between the Baltic countries and Poland, about 100 km long. NATO countries adopted this concept specifically for the development of maneuvers and the Alliance has been using it for more than 10 years.

After all, a virtual game is one thing, and carrying out a combat mission is another. Exactly 100 km of the common border between Lithuania and Poland will be used for such action.

These are normal standard exercises that are very important for the unity of the armies. After all, Europe still does not have a unified army. All armies are scattered, each is located either in its own state or in a cluster. For example, in the Baltic countries the army is mainly German.

Such exercises provide an opportunity to practice certain techniques directly at the intended theater of military operations. It is very important to do this, and to do it every year. It is important to unite the European armies so that they can be controlled by one center.

— NATO is preparing for a conflict with the Russian Federation in the next 20 years. This statement was made by the chairman of the bloc’s military committee, Admiral Rob Bauer. What can you say about his prognosis?

— Firstly, a hybrid war with NATO is already underway. Dozens of thousands of Russian “emigrants” are a potential threat to Europe and the enemy’s entry into Europe. We see how this ends on the examples of Hungary, Slovakia, the Balkans and the Baltic countries.

Russia has already launched a hybrid attack on NATO. If we assume that somewhere from 2022, Russians fled en masse to Europe under the guise of escaping from mobilization, then somewhere by 2032 they will “open their mouths” in some place. This could be Finland, Estonia, Moldova, and from there — the Balkans.

The Russians will be able to activate the military machine when they see an internal rise in one of the countries. They will connect there with the help of little green men, or some private armies will come. These could be dozens of thousands of people with equipment, airplanes, and so on.

This is the hybrid path that Russians can take in not 20, but 10 years. Putin will now replace “Putin with Putin” in March; he will have 12 years ahead (two presidential terms of 6 years each) for these actions.

I’ll say more, this will be about a couple of years before the next “replacement” in 2030. Somewhere in 2027-2028, expansion into European countries will begin, if we here in Ukraine don’t pinch its tail so that it doesn’t want to go anywhere.

— Are the exercises on the border with Belarus a signal from Lukashenka?

— This is not a signal, but a good blow with a club to Lukashenka’s head. Moreover, Lukashenka’s observers will clearly see and track all this. The KGB of Belarus has means of communication, control, and internal “eyes” in both Poland and Lithuania.

They will see everything and draw Lukashenka how quickly his regime will be destroyed if he has any evil thoughts. This is a sign for him to refuse to participate in any actions against NATO countries.

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