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British Intelligence Explains Why Russian Aircraft Drop Bombs On Their Cities

British Intelligence Explains Why Russian Aircraft Drop Bombs On Their Cities

There is a combination of factors.

Over the past month, cases of Russian aircraft dropping bombs on their own territory have become more frequent. This demonstrates the level of staff fatigue and lack of training.

The UK Ministry of Defense reported this on Twitter.

As reported, Russian independent Telegram news channel Astra informed on 27 January 2024 that Russian aircraft had accidentally discharged two FAB-250 unguided munitions on two Russian villages in the Belgorod area. The first munition landed on a farm in Postnikov, whilst the second munition landed on an urban street in Strelestkoye village, prompting an evacuation of up to 150 civilians within a 500m radius.

According to the data of the British intelligence, This is the fourth Russian accidental aerial munition discharge on its own territory this month. In total, this is the fifth overall within a year, with the earliest occasion in Belgorod City on April 20, 2023.

“It cannot be confirmed whether such incidents occur due to poor procedures when arming the aircraft prior to sorties or poor execution by aircrew during missions. It is likely a combination of both. The increasing frequency of these occurrences likely demonstrates a degree of air and ground crew fatigue within the Russian front line, as well as exposing inadequate training,” notes the British MoD.

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