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Boryslav Bereza: Lukashenka Could Die Any Moment

Boryslav Bereza: Lukashenka Could Die Any Moment

The dictator needs to fear himself.

“Dronophobia” has begun at Belarusian enterprises. Protection from UAVs is being installed on two oil refineries to cover oil reservoirs.

What is the Lukashenka regime afraid of? The website Charter97.org asked this question to Ukrainian politician, ex-member of the Verkhovna Rada Boryslav Bereza:

— This is just an imitation of activity, there can be no attack. And if something like this happens, how will Lukashenka fight back if he transfers equipment and shells to Russia, and actually leaves Belarus “naked”? I would be interested to hear the answer to this question, because imitation of activity is one thing, but in fact, he is now disarming Belarus before a possible attack, for example, from Russia.

Although, this is even for the better. If some processes begin within Belarus, it will be easier for the Belarusian oppositionists to change power when the regime has no means for resistance. If the authorities have nothing to resist with — great, then it will be easier to defeat them.

— You said about an attack from Russia, in what case could this happen?

— This could happen if Belarus suddenly wants to become an independent state. And this, by the way, is really a problem, because as long as Belarus is virtually completely under the heel of the Kremlin, the country has nothing to fear. But as soon as the regime changes, and Belarus wants to make decisions on its own, and not obey Moscow in everything, then certain events may begin.

— Could some kind of “daredevil drone” fly to Belarus?

— Recently, a Russian missile flew into Poland, why can’t a Russian missile or drone fly into Belarus? Considering poor qualification of Russian drone and missile operators, anything can be expected.

— How do people in Ukraine now feel about the fact that Lukashenka provided the territory of Belarus for an attack by the Russians?

— Nothing has changed, no one will forget this. I believe that any processes can be deployed. If we take into account that the Belarusians themselves did not take a massive part in the hostilities against Ukraine, the Belarusian troops were not brought in, then there will be a moment of repentance, there will be a moment of admission of guilt, an apology — and there will be a change in relations.

If all this happens, then the relationship will develop in a positive direction. Germany and Israel used to have openly hostile relations at a certain moment, but then everything changed. Today these relations are more than friendly.

— What should Lukashenka really fear today?

— Lukashenka really should only fear himself. He can die at any moment and none of his sons will take his post. Moreover, they can follow daddy by accidentally poisoning themselves with fish or getting into a car accident. And Putin will use this to place his own pocket president there, and it will be the end.

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