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Belarusian Officer: It Was Like At The Beginning Of The War In Ukraine

Belarusian Officer: It Was Like At The Beginning Of The War In Ukraine

The Lukashists are worried about the NATO exercises.

On January 31, the active phase of the largest NATO Steadfast Defender 2024 military exercises since the Cold War began near the borders of Russia and Belarus. The Belarusian officer, on condition of anonymity, described to Charter97.org the reaction of the Lukashists:

– The level of propaganda impact on officers and privates has increased. This is due to the NATO exercises that began near the borders of our country. Recently, Lukashenka said that now it is even more dangerous on the western borders than on the border with Ukraine.

Even a general came to us and showed us "a map and four positions from where the attack was being prepared." This was only at the beginning of the war in Ukraine, when we were gathered for training and intensively told about the "Anglo-Saxons", "Slavic Brotherhood" and "Duty to the Motherland".

It can be seen that the order to deal with the brains of the personnel came from above. These NATO exercises disturbed them very much.

– How do officers react to such propaganda?

– Young people chuckle, and senior officers – are used to it. The more epaulets, the more loyal they have. The general who came to us was a real "Russian world" believer. He mentioned "Putin" ten times, and spoke several times about the "Slavic brotherhood". He retold what he heard either on our propaganda TV channels or from the Russians.

– To what extent do such militaristic statements correlate with a real desire to fight?

– No way. These people saw the war only in Soviet films and Bondarchuk's Ninth Company movie. You can talk in any language, but in fact, everyone understands that their "Russian brothers" are seriously up to speed in Ukraine. This is not an easy walk. If the Armed Forces of Ukraine give such a rebuff, then what can we say about the NATO forces.

– How, then, does it relate to reports in the Western media that Putin may use Belarusian troops to attack NATO?

– We need to take it seriously, as the militarization of society has been underway for two years. But the Belarusian troops are not ready for anything without, let's say, the active participation of Russians.

We have some units that can enter the war on command – in Brest, Vitebsk paratroopers, Maryina Horka. But this is an extremely small part of the personnel. We go further – the problems begin.

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