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Read Your Own, Support Your Own!

Read Your Own, Support Your Own!

Belarusian answer to the Kremlin's Goebbels.

Dear friends! The Charter'97 account on Patreon has been running for a month already. During this time we got 53 patrons who support the work of the site on a permanent basis. The number of donations via PayPal and to the Charter'97 Foundation account has increased.

Our team thanks you from the bottom of our hearts. Your support is especially valuable today, when the assistance to the Belarusian media from Western donors is critically reduced.

At the same time, Putin and Lukashenka are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on their propaganda machine. True information from the Belarusian perspective is now a question of the country's national security and its European future. After all, if independent mass media disappear, their place will be taken by the Kremlin's Goebbels.

Our "partisan detachment" successfully opposes the mouthpieces of enemy propaganda. Millions of readers, thousands of comments are direct proof of this.

With your help we can do more! Regular support through Patreon could make Charter'97's work stable, allowing our team to focus on the main goal - bringing changes in Belarus.

Read your own, support your own! Every patron matters to us!

How does Patreon work?

It is a modern platform through which authors and media can collect donations.

You can subscribe to Charter'97 on the Patreon service by choosing the amount you want to support us with.

The system will prompt you either to create an account by creating a password or to authorise via email or social networks. Then you make the transfer.

The first payment is debited on the day you subscribe. Then the amount you have chosen will be deducted monthly.

An important point: the payment goes directly to the platform and payment services do not show who you choose to support, which makes supporting through Patreon the safest way to help us.

You will be able to change the amount of support or unsubscribe from us at any time via your Patreon account.

We remind you that you have the opportunity to support us via PayPal and donations to the Charter'97 Foundation account.

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