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Media Reports: Germany Prepared Secret Proposal For Ukraine

Media Reports: Germany Prepared Secret Proposal For Ukraine


Germany's ruling coalition has prepared a secret proposal to supply Kyiv with more ammunition, vehicles and weapons systems. The package may include Taurus missiles, Bild. reports.

According to the DPA agency, a vote on this aid package is going to be held in the Bundestag this week.

The Taurus cruise missiles, which Kyiv has long requested, are not directly mentioned in this project, but it does talk about “supplying additional long-range weapons systems and ammunition necessary to enable Ukraine to carry out targeted attacks on strategically important targets far behind the Russian aggressor’s lines.”

Taurus missiles fit this description as they can reach targets over 500 kilometers away. France and Great Britain have already supplied Ukraine with their Scalp and Storm Shadow cruise missiles, but they are not considered as effective as the Taurus.

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