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First Time In The World: Ukrainian FPV Drone Hits Russian Unmanned Aircraft

First Time In The World: Ukrainian FPV Drone Hits Russian Unmanned Aircraft

The Ukrainians even managed to intercept the camera footage of an enemy UAV.

The Ukrainian military used an FPV drone to shoot down a Russian unmanned aircraft right in the air. Soldiers of the Ajax unmanned attack systems unit of the 126th Territorial Defense Brigade posted a video of the event on the MADYAR Telegram channel.

A Russian drone was shot down on the left bank of the Kherson region, near Krynky. The video shows an FPV drone pursuing a previously detected UAV. On the second pass, it manages to hit the target, writes focus.ua.

The commander of the Birds of Madyar unit says that the Russians on this sector of the front have just recently begun to receive the first wing-type attack drones. They have 2.5-5 kg of explosives on board.

Judging by the image and noticeably weak communication quality, this drone was assembled from common available FPV drone components.

The Russian UAV was created using a conventional aerodynamic design. It has a single propeller in the forward fuselage and a camera underneath. This arrangement has an advantage over FPV copters: longer range and maximum load weight, with a lower price.

Interestingly, the Ukrainians also managed to intercept the camera recording of the enemy UAV. Judging by the circumstances, it was found because of the camera view, which revealed the location and direction of movement of the unmanned aircraft.

The fighters say that in this duel in the air they were helped by a self-made electronic intelligence system “Kulibin”. Warriors warn everyone that even downed drones remain dangerous due to the explosive warhead.

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