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Former Political Prisoner: Ihar Lednik Told Me He Would Most Likely Die In Prison

Former Political Prisoner: Ihar Lednik Told Me He Would Most Likely Die In Prison

The jailers constantly abused the political prisoner.

Aliaksei Haloukin spent some time in the medical unit of penal colony #2 along with Ihar Lednik. He told Novy Chas that the jailers constantly abused sick Lednik, and did not allow him to take a shower or shop in the prison store:

— I met Ihar in the medical unit. I was put there after quarantine, and Ihar was already there when they brought me. We became friends. He was a wonderful person, very smart, interesting.

His state of health was already terrible at that time. Because of this, Ihar was not even assigned to the detachment. Ihar waited and hoped that he would be taken to the city, to a civilian hospital, and there he would at least be treated more or less.

Ihar had a stoma, to which a special bag was attached so that he could go to the toilet. What outraged me most of all was that the colony staff did not allow Ihar to take a shower, although the medical unit had a normal shower with hot water. He had to constantly fight with the jailers every time he went to the shower, it was a nightmare.

Ihar was not allowed to shop. He even asked me to tell the head of the detachment [16th detachment of penal colony #2, where people with disabilities were held]) to take him to the store, since he had already run out of everything.

Ihar behaved with dignity, he was a real man. At the same time, he told me that most likely he would die in the colony. He said that his health condition was constantly deteriorating, and if he was not provided with qualified, timely medical assistance, he simply would not physically survive till his release,” said Aliaksei Haloukin.

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