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Ukrainian Officer: It's Time For Lukashenka To Try On Prison Uniform

Ukrainian Officer: It's Time For Lukashenka To Try On Prison Uniform

Not to pose in military uniforms.

Lukashenka in uniform spoke to his security officials on Tuesday. The dictator called for preparation for a new world war, saying that it was "inevitable".

Are we dealing with propaganda or does the Belarusian dictator know something about Putin's plans? Charter97.org addressed this question to the reserve major of the National Guard of Ukraine, a veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Oleksiy Hetman:

— I would like it to be just propaganda, but there is already information that Putin plans to attack some NATO member countries. This can be, for example, Lithuania or Estonia. His purpose is to look at the reaction of the Alliance, whether the 5th article will be used.

The Kremlin can provoke some kind of border conflict without sending troops. Private military companies can be used, and they will "disown" them. I'd like to emphasize, they are testing NATO reactions.

There may be provocations in the country with the Titushky [street hooligans provocateurs - Ed.] who will demand something. In this case, the question arises, how to apply Article 5 of the NATO Agreement, when it is unclear who attacked?

Let's imagine that Russian troops partially entered Tallinn. The question is, who is to be bombed? A suburb of Tallinn? Or directly Tallinn with the Russian troops? Attack Moscow or St. Petersburg? Where to shoot? These are the questions that Putin wants to be answered.

— Lukashenka said that "Polish and American intelligence services are preparing a large-scale provocation against the civilian population of Poland to blame Russia and Belarus." What is really behind the dictator's words?

— You know, it's already a psychiatric case. When a person accuses someone of something, but in fact he himself wants to or does so. Lukashenka accuses others in order to justify himself.

There has never been a provocation on the part of civilized countries to kill civilians in order to blame the other side. The Russians did it. This is how they started the Chechen wars.

The Russians attacked border cities in the Russian-Ukrainian war, for example, with multiple launch rocket systems. Then Ukraine was falsely accused of this.

In general, provocations are possible, but not from America and Poland, but from Putin and Lukashenka. Everyone already understands who these personalities are.

Russian war criminals should be tried. Lukashenka will also be jailed if he survives. He should not pose in military uniforms but try on the prison uniform to get used to it.

— You talked about a possible new offensive against Kyiv from the territory of Belarus. Do Lukashenka's militaristic ideas confirm your words?

— This can happen if additional troops are deployed there. The troops that are now in Belarus will not be able to conduct serious offensive operations. There are not enough manpower and weapons, and we have good fortifications in the north.

Nevertheless, it is not difficult for Russia to deploy troops in two or three weeks. It is quite possible that they will try to do so. The danger persists.

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