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Biden Instructs Electoral HQ To Dial Up Attacks On Trump’s Wild Comments

Biden Instructs Electoral HQ To Dial Up Attacks On Trump’s Wild Comments

The US President wants to make his rival look “unbalanced.”

American President Joe Biden has ordered his campaign aides to respond more aggressively to provocative statements by former President Donald Trump, CNN reports, citing two sources familiar with the relevant decree.

The material states that Biden tries to paint his presumptive Republican opponent as unhinged and unfit for office, and highlight Trump’s public statements as “crazy sh*t”.

Biden campaign advisers say that warning voters about what another four years under a Trump presidency would look like is central to their general election strategy.

CNN notes that such a position of the current US President comes from the voters moods, who appear to put on “rose-colored glasses” when looking back on the Trump years, failing to notice the reality.

Ammar Moussa, the Biden campaign’s director of rapid response, said the following in a statement to CNN:

“Donald Trump is the polar opposite of everything President Biden stands for and has accomplished since he took office, and the campaign’s top priority over the next nine months will be laying out that stark choice for voters.”

The US presidential elections will take place in November 2024. The inauguration is scheduled for January 2025. Biden and Trump have not yet received nominations from their parties, but are significantly ahead of other contenders.

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