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Belarusian Woman Tells About Her Refusal To Finance Red Cross

Belarusian Woman Tells About Her Refusal To Finance Red Cross

She asked her boss some uncomfortable questions.

A reader of the Charter97.org website told how she refused to pay contributions to the Red Cross from her salary.

It is important to note that funding for the organization is now assigned to state employees:

“The new week began with new extortions. I’ve never liked Mondays; it feels like after two days of drinking, my bosses come up with “brilliant ideas” on Mondays,” our subscriber writes.

“Today, at the hospital where I work, they brought us a paper to sign stating that we, medical workers, want to join the Red Cross organization and voluntarily agree to contribute 1 percent of our salary to the maintenance of this organization.

Unfortunately, most people signed this document silently, for fear of falling out of favor. And I’m already retired, so I can afford at least a little resistance. I refused. I didn’t just refuse, but asked during the meeting what people know about this organization, what it does, and why we should fund it. In response, there was an awkward silence, because, of course, everyone has heard this phrase, but no one can say what these parasites are doing.

To be honest, I myself don’t know what they are doing. So, without looking on the Internet, I clearly remember that they actively participated in a show in different years called “elections.” They sat in commissions and sent their pseudo-observers.

But when I Googled it, I read that the Lukashenka regime’s assistants were financed by Europe, but recently the Europeans refused to help because the Red Cross was involved in the abduction of Ukrainian children. Therefore, today they have decided to finance their criminal activities from the pockets of doctors.

Not everyone today would dare to refuse for fear of being fired, but I am at an age where I can afford this luxury. And this gives me strength. I won’t give a penny to Lukashists.”

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