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Lithuania Closes Two More Border Crossings With Belarus

Lithuania Closes Two More Border Crossings With Belarus

From March 1.

Lithuania approved the closure of two more border crossings with Belarus from March 1. This decision was made by the Lithuanian government on Wednesday, February 21, LRT reports.

From March 1, 2024, the Lavorishkes (adjacent — Katlouka) and Raigardas (Pryvalka) checkpoints will be closed. The Belarusian-Lithuanian border can only be crossed through the two remaining places — Medininkai and Šalčininkai.

However, the traffic through these checkpoints will also be tightened, including a ban on crossing the border for pedestrians and cyclists.

Recall that since August 18 last year, Lithuania has closed two checkpoints on the border with Belarus: Shumskas (from the Belarusian side Losha) and Tveriachius (Vidzy). This was done in response to possible threats from the mercenaries of the Russian private military company Wagner deployed in our country.

In February 2024, Lithuania proposed to close two more border checkpoints on the border with Belarus.

Such a proposal was put forward by the Lithuanian National Security Commission. They also proposed to limit the boarding and disembarkation of passengers at the Kena railway checkpoint and reduce the number of permits for regular bus services for Belarusian and Lithuanian drivers.

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