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Borislav Bereza: Kremlin Looks For Way Out Of This Situation

Borislav Bereza: Kremlin Looks For Way Out Of This Situation

Cracks begin.

Russian Z-blogger Andrey "Murz" Morozov probably committed suicide. Earlier, he spoke about the losses of the Russian army in the battles for Avdiivka and because of this came into conflict with the employees of the YouTube channel of the Kremlin propagandist Vladimir Solovyov.

Why do some Russian propagandists attack others? Charter97.org addressed this question to Ukrainian politician Boryslav Bereza, the former member of the Verkhovna Rada.

— This is a perfect example of the fact that in a society that is oversaturated with hatred and malice, those who yesterday launched information attacks on Ukraine together begin to devour each other. You know, I'm quite happy with this situation. Let them destroy each other, drive to suicide, let them eliminate each other's influence.

All this shows that they have a rather inhomogeneous environment. This is very good news, because the fragmentation in the ranks of the enemy is always beneficial for us.

— Can there be a showdown of the "Kremlin towers" behind these conflicts?

— No, it's much easier. One of the milbloggers showed the falsity and mendacity of the thesis that there are no losses. Let's talk realistically — everyone already knew about this, but he gave an example. He is a source of information for many Russians, fooled, embittered, supporting the war, but he began to tell them what contradicts the official position. This is what caused the aggression on the part of those who feed from the hands of the authorities, and not only their brothers in hatred and malice.

What is most interesting is that recently such a fragmentation is no longer something new. The other day, or rather yesterday, one of the Russian propagandists, who is hiding under the pseudonym "Thirteenth" (but we all know who it is), wrote that yes, there is a video where 65 invaders and a huge number of wounded were destroyed by HIMARS systems. Official sources are silent on this topic, but just alternative ones, inside the Russian army, inside the Russian military corps, began to promote this topic. Here we see more "cracks".

The Russians do not have victories that would unite them. The current situation shows that the war for Russia is still a lose-lose situation. Yes, it can last for several years in the long run, but then questions begin to arise: what are these losses for, who is interested in them? It turns out that the war was started for one reason, but it can be ended for completely different reasons.

All this indicates only one thing — the disunity among the enemies must be maintained, the desire of the two camps to tear each other apart must be supported. Remember Shakespeare: "A plague on both your houses." Therefore, let them tear each other apart, it's fine, let some throw in information, destabilize the situation and let others attack them for it. Let them kill each other both morally and physically.

The recent bulk of information shows that the moral and psychological state of Russian milbloggers is far from the best. The other day, Andrei Kots was detained with drugs, before that another milblogger was arrested being drunk. They are starting to break down, there is nothing they can say: That's our victory. When they were taking a town of 29 square kilometers for two years, this was Avdiivka, they understood that they can win the rest of Ukraine only within the next one and a half thousand years, and they do not have this time.

— Are there any prerequisites for Russian propaganda to become ineffective for the domestic audience?

— Come on, that's all a large production. Some of the classical writers said that propaganda does not make idiots out of people, but is originally designed for idiots. Russia has long managed to make people stupid, make them idiots, primitivize and drive them into a situation where they do not think, but react. Therefore, now the Kremlin propaganda only supports this.

There is no need to build false illusions that Russians will suddenly sober up and come to their senses, there is no hope for this. I want to remind you that after the Second World War, for more than a decade, attempts to bring the Germans to their senses and conduct all the processes that could explain to them that support for Nazism was absolutely inhuman, that these were wrong worldviews, and so on, failed. It was only in the 60s that they were able to implement this, using a completely different approach. Also, the society was ready to accept this. Denazification was very difficult In Germany for one reason — over the years, over the decades, the Germans were thoroughly brainwashed by propaganda.

Russians are brainwashed much longer, so their transition to a sane state of mind is even more complicated and will take even longer. No one knows when it will begin, but today the demand in Russian society exists only for dehumanization and absolute fanatical chauvinism. Everything else — humanity, reasonableness, morality and other similar qualities — there is no demand for these ideas in Russia.

— What then can the fragmentation and poor moral state of Russian milbloggers and propagandists lead to?

— "Black Swans" come to Russia constantly, Navalny is also one of the "black swans", but they do not affect the denazification of Russian Nazis or modern fascists. We are to get one thing — modern Russian elites are quite tightly united around the idea of survival. They are well aware that their actions were war crimes. Support for these crimes will lead to the fact that they will be punished if Russia loses.

But also in this situation, Russian elites realize that they have no prospects to live in a civilized society and in the conditions to which they used to. Let's be honest, their children do not want to live in Russia, because Russia is a real swamp. This is a moral swamp, this is a psychological swamp, this is a technological swamp, they do not want to live in this swamp, which also smells like feces outside Moscow.

Therefore, they are already considering long-term prospects and understand that it is necessary to get out of this situation. What will be the ways out? We'll see. But that there can really be some conspiracies, that's indisputable.

I want to remind you of Operation Valkyrie against Hitler, and the famous snuff box or yellow scarf in the history of the Russian Empire. This happened before and may happen again.

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