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Belarusian Bank Announces Suspension Of Servicing QIWI Wallets

Belarusian Bank Announces Suspension Of Servicing QIWI Wallets

More than 1 million payers a month use such wallets in Belarus.

CJSC Bank Reshenie suspended the provision of a number of services provided within the framework of cooperation with the Russian JSC Qiwi Bank, whose license was revoked by the Bank of Russia.

The bank will temporarily not identify the owners of QIWI wallets, make transfers in favor of JSC QIWI Bank (RF) in order to replenish the QIWI wallet account, pay for goods, works, services presented in the payment system in the United Payment and Information Space, as well as transfers to current (settlement) accounts. accounts through the use of services of JSC QIWI Bank (RF).

The suspension of the provision of services is due to the fact that the Bank of Russia revoked the license for banking operations from JSC Qiwi Bank as of February 21.

“His activities were characterized by involvement in high-risk transactions aimed at ensuring settlements between individuals and shadow businesses, including transfers of funds in favor of crypto exchangers, illegal online casinos, bookmakers, etc., as well as the search for new ways to circumvent regulations introduced by the regulator restrictions,” the bank said.

In Belarus, the payment operator of the QIWI service is OSMP BEL. As the company's lawyer Mikalai Blazhko explained to Office Life, despite the fact that OSMP BEL represents the interests of the QIWI Group in Belarus, neither legally nor technically the Belarusian company is in any way directly connected with QIWI Bank: it is “isolated and conducts an independent business in the country” .

Currently, there are more than 1,200 terminals for accepting QIWI payments in Belarus, which are used by over 1 million payers per month. With their help, it was possible to top up an electronic wallet and, for example, make the necessary payments, top up bank cards of Belarusian banks, etc. The terminals are working and, OSMP BEL promises, they will continue working.

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