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Medvedev Going To Seize Kyiv Again

Medvedev Going To Seize Kyiv Again

And Odesa.

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev believes that Moscow may need to "get" to Kyiv to achieve its goals. And the "conflict" between Russia and Ukraine may not be limited to the current phase. This opinion was expressed by the former Russian president in an interview with the Russian media.

"Where should we stop? I don't know. I think that given what I said (about the need to create a protective border - ed.), we will have to work hard and in earnest. Will there be Kyiv? Yes, it should probably be Kyiv. If not now, then after some time, perhaps in some other phase of development of this conflict," Medvedev said.

The politician also recalled Odesa. He said that the city has long been expected to be part of Russia.

"About Odesa I can only say: Odesa, come back home. And that's all. We have been long waiting for Odesa in the Russian Federation," Medvedev said.

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