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Partisans Explore Russians' Fortifications In Crimea, Leave 'Gifts'

Partisans Explore Russians' Fortifications In Crimea, Leave 'Gifts'

What has been learnt?

Partisans have conducted reconnaissance at the fortifications of Russian troops in the Black Sea region of temporarily occupied Crimea. They left the enemy some 'gifts'.

This is reported by Telegram-channel of the Atesh partisan movement.

"Agents of our movement were able to get to the enemy's construction site in the village of Okunivka of Chernomorsk district," stated the message.

The partisans managed to study the construction progress and the enemy's defence plans.

"We managed to stash a few gifts for the Rashists. In the course of work, we learnt about large-scale embezzlement of funds at the facility," Atesh added.

Meanwhile, Russian troops continue to entrench themselves in the territories.

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