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Chinese Investor Fails To Complete Reconstruction Of 'Hrodna' Hotel

Chinese Investor Fails To Complete Reconstruction Of 'Hrodna' Hotel

The businessmen asked the authorities to "show understanding".

The reconstruction of the "Hrodna" hotel has been extended until the end of 2024. This was announced by the chairman of the Hrodna Regional Executive Committee, Uladzimir Karanik, writes Grodnonews.by.

A Chinese investor is in charge of the project. According to Karanik, the partners do not refuse from their commitments, but asked to "show understanding," as the company is "recovering in the domestic market after the coronavirus restrictions," and they need to "improve their financial well-being" before investing in the reconstruction of the Hrodna hotel.

The authorities met with the Chinese partners and extended the project until the end of the year, but warned that the state will take "tougher measures" if there is no "any movement".

We remind you, the work on the reconstruction of the "Hrodna" hotel began in 2018. Already in 2020, the facility was supposed to be put into operation. However, six months after the builders performed the dismantling of internal partitions and windows, the construction site froze, wrote the S13 blog.

Last summer, Uladzimir Karanik assured in the same way that the investor "does not refuse to implement the project". The official announced the imminent visit of the Hrodna region delegation to Gansu province, where a meeting with the management of the Chinese company was to take place in order to determine the most expeditious terms for finishing the construction.

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