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Russian Il-76 Shot Down In Krasnodar Territory Together With A-50

Russian Il-76 Shot Down In Krasnodar Territory Together With A-50

The unmarked aircraft split in two parts.

In the sky over the Kanevsky district of the Krasnodar Territory, in addition to the A-50, another Il-76 aircraft of the Russian Armed Forces was shot down. Russian Telegram channels write about this.

“Something flew from the ground. Nobody knows what. Firefighters are working on the spot, almost everything has already been extinguished, the military has identified the Il-76,” said eyewitnesses of the plane crash.

Russian media claim that the plane split into two parts when it crashed. One fell in a field, and the other landed behind one of the private houses in the Trudovaya Armenia farm. They also claim that explosions can be heard at the crash site.

Residents of the village also shared their impressions after the crash of the Russian plane. They say they heard two “bangs” and a rumble.

“It was flying from the fields and when we heard two bangs and a rumble, we ran out into the street. It passed right above us and kept in the direction of the forest belt and the shore,” eyewitnesses say.

According to the Russians, when the plane flew past the farm, it was already without its right wing and was flying at an angle.

“The fuselage fell into the ground, and the left wing was knocked off by trees and landed in the backyard of the house,” the Russians added.

Russian military personnel at the crash site say that an Il-76 was shot down.

“Most likely, it was the Il-76, a transport aircraft. These are the words of the military who recognized the wreckage. However, according to them, the plane was without any identification marks and at first there were even doubts that it was our plane. But it was a Russian plane. The main part — the fuselage — is in a semi-swamp, in mud and reeds, we will wait for the equipment,” local residents said.

The operational headquarters of the Krasnodar region reported that “at about 8 pm, two aircraft crashed in the area of the Trudovaya Armeniya farm, Kanevsky district.”

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