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Lukashenka Was Humiliated In Kazan

Lukashenka Was Humiliated In Kazan

The dictator looked pitiful.

Last week, the ruler of Belarus took part in Vladimir Putin's funny event. Aliksandr Lukashenka looked frightened and humiliated.

On February 21, the ruler of Belarus flew on a "working visit" to Russia. The "job" was to attend the opening ceremony of the Future Games international high-tech tournament.

Lukashenka indicated his place and status in this event at the start, when for a small delay he began to justify himself not even to Putin, but to Putin's press secretary Peskov.

“Dima, it's not my fault. It's just that my old friend (the head of Tatarstan – S.) lodged me in the forest,” the ruler of Belarus tried to turn it into a joke.

Then it was even worse. Lukashenka, known for his retrograde views, hatred of modern technologies and accusations against young people that they "are siting online and poking at the phone," made a quite different tune in Kazan.

"Well done. I still can't realize all this, because I didn't feel it with my hands," the ruler of Belarus told Russian journalists. "Well done in general. Maybe that's the future."

He looked sorry at that moment.

By the way, what's the Future Games? The meaning of phygital competitions lies in the combination of virtual and real sports. For example, there is the phygital hockey: first, the participants of the competition play a hockey simulator, and then they play a three-on-three match on the ice.

It is not easy to answer the question why the President of the Russian Federation needed to call colleagues for this specific event.

What is in the head of Putin, who once flew with cranes, we do not know. We can only assume that the event in Kazan is a pathetic attempt by the Russian authorities to somehow compensate for the suspension from international competitions due to the attack on Ukraine.

A week before the Future Games, the International Ice Hockey Federation just extended the ban for Russians and Belarusians to participate in competitions under its auspices in the favorite sport of the two rulers. Now the poor old people are getting used to phygital hockey.

Lukashenka's humiliation continued during Putin's speech at the opening ceremony of the Future Games. The ruler of the Russian Federation, who dragged the heads of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan to a fun event in Kazan, after his speech asked his colleagues to say "two words" (he really said so, like there is no more time). Putin went with a microphone to the heads of neighboring countries sitting next to him, as if they were his pioneer squad. Lukashenka was the first.

"Forward into the future, dear friend!" The ruler of Belarus declared in the Belarusian language.

At that moment one could think: What's wrong with him? The clue can be found if you watch the full video. The fact is that Lukashenka switched to the Belarusian language against his will.

According to the organizers, each of the rulers of countries dependent on Moscow had to pronounce words in the national language – this was how the international status of the competitions was emphasized.

To be objective: not only Lukashenka was humiliated in Kazan. For example, consider Kassym-Jomart Tokayev's statement.

"I thank dear Vladimir Vladimirovich for hosting these games. These are unique games that have no equals, perhaps in the modern world. I wish success to everyone. Let's hold the next games in Kazakhstan!" said the ruler of Kazakhstan, crossing all the boundaries of flattery.

And, watching Putin bypass his colleagues with a microphone, it seemed that it was in his power to get them to say the right words, if necessary.

Since Lukashenka is already struggling with air travel, he seems to have left the trip to Kazan the next day without appearing in front of the cameras. Humiliation has a beginning, humiliation has no end.

Mark Dziuba, Salidarnasc

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