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Heating Season Was Changed In Belarus

Heating Season Was Changed In Belarus

When will the heat be turned off in the houses?

The Government of Belarus adopted Resolution #113 on February 21, 2024, which changed the procedure for starting and holding the heating season in the country. The law was published on the National Legal Internet Portal and came into force, Telegraph reports.

The Council of Ministers decided that in residential buildings, dormitories, theaters, public baths in Belarus, the heating season will start when the average temperature for three days in a row (previously 5 days) will be +8 °C and lower.

As for social facilities, schools, kindergartens and medical institutions, officials decided to turn on heating if the average temperature for three days (previously 5 days) was +10 °C and lower.

The government did not change the beginning of the heating season in public administrations, industrial premises, etc.

At the same time, officials ordered all heating organizations in the autumn-winter season to be guided by the decisions of the "Republican operational group to optimize heat supply regimes and saving use mode of fuel and energy."

As for the heating shutdown, there have been no changes in the laws. According to the rules, the heating shutdown in residential buildings in Belarus is carried out at an average daily temperature of +8 °C and above for three days. For example, in 2023, heating in the country began to be cut off from April 10, and in 2022 — at the beginning of May.

Looking at the abnormal weather in February, we can assume that this year the heating outage may occur in March as well. But it's not accurate.

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