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'Belarus In NATO' Book Pitching In Warsaw

'Belarus In NATO' Book Pitching In Warsaw

The event will take place on February 27.

Russia's aggression against Ukraine and its full-scale invasion of an independent European state have exposed the vulnerability of European and international security.

How can our region react to new challenges? What is the role of Belarus in creating a new security architecture in Europe?

These topics are discussed by leading experts in the field of security of NATO member states, Ukraine and Belarus in the collected works "Belarus in NATO", published by the European Belarus Foundation.

The presentation of the book will take place on February 27 at 18.00 in Warsaw in Witryna Domu Wschodniego (Płać Konstytucji 6, corner building closer to the MDM Hotel).


Andrei Sannikov — leader of the European Belarus Civil Campaign, presidential candidate of Belarus (2010);

Janusz Onyszkiewicz — Minister of Defence of Poland in 1992–1993 and 1997–2000, Member of the European Parliament in 2004-2009, Vice-President of the European Parliament from 2004 to 2007, Chairman of the Council of the Euro-Atlantic Association (Poland);

Yuri Felshtinsky is a Russian-American historian, the author of a number of books, including "Blowing Up Ukraine: The Return of Russian Terror and the Threat of World War III" and "From Red Terror to Mafia State: Russia's Secret Intelligence Services and Their Fight for World Domination from Felix Dzerzhinsky to Vladimir Putin."

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