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Ukrainian General: Two S-200 Missiles Hit A-50

Ukrainian General: Two S-200 Missiles Hit A-50

Why couldn't the Russian fighter jets protect the aircraft?

Russia has lost a large number of aircraft in recent weeks. It includes the A-50. It is known that the Su-35 fighter was covering the aircraft in the air.

This was told to Channel 24 by retired Lieutenant General, military expert, founder of the Closing the Sky of Ukraine Foundation Ihor Romanenko.

"It is known that it was possible to shoot down an upgraded version of this aircraft. Also, the losses of $350 million should be added to the losses among experienced specialists who were on the A-50.

This aircraft is one of the important elements of Russia's reconnaissance and strike system. It currently detects targets for strikes. They practically control the actions of Su-34 bombers, which throw bombs. And the declared target detection range is 600 kilometers. Now they will work even further from our border," Romanenko said.

Why did the Su-35 fail to protect the A-50?

As Romanenko noted, there was already information that the aircraft was shot down using the S-200 system. At the same time, an enemy Su-35 fighter was flying near the A-50, which was supposed to cover it.

"It should be understood that the Su-35 can cover the A-50 from other aircraft. But from an anti-aircraft missile, he can hardly do anything.

These were creative and asymmetrical actions on the part of the Air Force Command and the Ukrainian Defense Forces Command as a whole. I once studied at S-200. These types of aircraft require 3 or more missiles. However, probably due to the savings, 2 missiles were launched here. One hit the ‘trap’, and the other shot down the aircraft," Romanenko said.

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