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Budanov: Civilians Better Avoid Crimean Bridge Now

Budanov: Civilians Better Avoid Crimean Bridge Now

GUR SpecOps are in Crimea and preparing "surprises".

Lieutenant-General Kyrylo Budanov, the GUR (Ukrainian Defence Intelligence) head, announced new surprises for the Russian occupiers in Crimea and recommended that civilians not use the so-called Crimean Bridge.

This was stated on Telegram.

"Russia's war against Ukraine began more than two years ago – ten years ago – with the occupation of Ukrainian Crimea. However, neither the Ukrainian state nor the Ukrainians agreed to recognize the right of the aggressor to the Crimean land," he said.

Budanov noted that the resistance of the local Ukrainians against the occupiers did not subside for a minute, despite the repression.

"For a successful defence and counteroffensive, we must control the Black Sea and be present on the Crimean peninsula. The tasks have been completed," said the head of the Gur.

He stressed that Russia had lost a quarter of its warships and had to withdraw its fleet to the coast of the Caucasus and relocate aviation because the airfields and military facilities in Crimea were constantly under our fire.

"We owe our success to the residents of Ukrainian Crimea, who not only increased resistance to the occupiers but also found an opportunity to monitor the entire operational situation on the peninsula and provide this information to us as soon as possible. We promised that in 2023 Ukrainian special forces would come to Crimea, and we fulfilled this promise. New surprises await the enemies, and I would not recommend the civilian population to use the so-called Crimean Bridge," Budanov said.

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