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'Belarusian Intelligence': Lukashenka Preparing To Attack Vilnius

'Belarusian Intelligence': Lukashenka Preparing To Attack Vilnius

The terms have been announced.

The 'Belarusian Intelligence' Telegram channel writes that Lukashenka is preparing to attack Lithuania together with the Russian Federation. The troops of the Belarusian dictator will allegedly be assigned the task of attacking Vilnius:

"We managed to get some very fragmented information regarding Belarus' participation in the attack on Lithuania. Here is what we know from our sources:

- The operation is being prepared in full co-operation with the Russian Armed Forces and direct combat involvement of the Belarusian Armed Forces;

- We know that the Armed Forces of Belarus will be directly involved in "blocking" Vilnius;

- Vilnius is to be encircled by strikes in the South-West and North-West directions by the forces of the 201st and 5th separate brigade of the SOF, the 120th brigade is partially moved as a reserve. The experience of the Kyiv 2022 operation has been taken into account, the troops will not go in massive armoured columns, but only in small mobile groups with the widest use of sabotage and reconnaissance tactics, taking into account the terrain and camouflage capabilities of the area. The operation involves the full range of units of the branches of the Belarusian Armed Forces. Fire support is provided by combined heavy and reactive artillery brigades and combined units of tank companies;

- A separate tank company battery takes up positions in the immediate vicinity of the city centre and deploys a tank company with a special unit. In essence, Vilnius is taken hostage and becomes an object of nuclear blackmail (positions within the city limits in densely populated neighbourhoods are considered).

The strategic planning of the operation aimed at de-blockading Kaliningrad region has moved from the stage of "staff games" directly to the stage of joint strategic planning with the Russians.

The sources name a probable time frame of 25-26-27 years depending on the geopolitical situation and advise the Lithuanian authorities to take a number of preventive measures. There are no guarantees that something like this will happen, but if it is on the maps of the General Staff, then the probability of the situation developing in this way increases.

Lithuania needs to study the ways of passage (roads, bridges, etc.) exactly for heavy "centipede" vehicles of tank companies like "Iskander" and prepare long-term positions in these directions. For example, during 22-23 years Belarus fully repaired some bridges on the main roads leading to border crossings (to Kamenny Loh, Losha, etc., which is an intelligence sign).

Lithuania should create its own "Mannerheim Line" along the entire Belarusian border. Prepare reservists and prepare to defend yourself in case of unfavourable development of the situation. The probability of the above events is increasing on a weekly basis.

We also confirm the unprecedented activity of the Belarusian special services in Vilnius direction, and it is not only connected with the "development of the opposition", but also with active monitoring of the defence infrastructure. In future posts, we will specify the known facts of the activity carried out by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defence and Intelligence Department and the KGB Military Counterintelligence Directorate on the territory of Lithuania and Vilnius itself.

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