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Occupants Execute Nine Ukrainian POWs In Bakhmut Direction

Occupants Execute Nine Ukrainian POWs In Bakhmut Direction

They came out with their hands raised.

On Saturday, February 24, Russian occupiers shot nine unarmed Ukrainian prisoners of war in the Bakhmut direction. This is reported by the DeepState analytical portal.

Preliminarily, the fighters of the 92 SMBr of the AFU or military men from attached units were killed.

"Yesterday there was hope that the guys from this post survived and in captivity, but the footage that was published today shows the execution of fighters of the Defence Forces," the message notes.

The released video shows Ukrainian military men coming out of the trench with their hands up. They are forced to lie down facing the ground, and then they are shot.

DeepState writes that Russian terrorists have recently committed many executions of Ukrainian servicemen who had been taken prisoner.

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