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What Can Stop Putin's Regime?

What Can Stop Putin's Regime?

Ukrainian drones are changing their target.

At the beginning of the war, many thought that heavy losses would stop the Kremlin. They don't care about Ukrainians, but thousands of deaths of their soldiers can't leave them indifferent? But they are. During the two years of the war, the Russian Federation lost more than 400,000 soldiers. The thesis "women are still giving birth" is still relevant in Russia. What can really stop the dictatorial-oligarchic regime is strikes on key facilities that bring billions to Russia's budget.

Over the past month, the SSU (Security Service of Ukraine) drones have been actively nightmarizing Russian refineries, reducing the export of their products. Now, after the attacks on the enemy's refineries, it's the turn of the Russian metallurgy. On the night of February 23 to 24, one of the largest Russian metallurgical plants was targeted – Novolipetsk. The SSUand GUR (Ukrainian Defence Intelligence) launched a joint operation there.

After powerful explosions, a large-scale fire broke out at the plant: the drones got into installations designed for primary cooling of crude coke oven gas. The destruction of these facilities will lead to a halt in the entire production process of the metallurgical plant for a long time.

It should be noted that Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant is a key plant of Russian metallurgy. Not only a fifth of all Russian steel was produced here, but also all (!) Russian electrical dynamo steel, which is needed for the manufacture of engines, batteries, and so on.

The break of the plant will cause great damage to all Russian production chains. Also, the plant is a legitimate target for attack. Its products are also used for the production of Russian missiles, artillery, drones. It also produced raw materials for Russian companies involved in nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles production.

As for the date of attack, there is certainly a certain symbolism in it. Two years ago, on the night of February 24, Russian missiles hit Ukraine. Lipetsk is under attack now, where they produce iron for these missiles. But, I am sure, it's better for the Russians not to link the strikes with "fixed" dates. They should already get used to the "holidays" from the SSU on a daily basis.

Taras Zahorodnyi, censor.net

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