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Former FSB Colonel Discloses Navalny’s Murder Details

Former FSB Colonel Discloses Navalny’s Murder Details

The clot could not be the cause of his death.

Gennady Gudkov, a former FSB colonel and former member of the Russian State Duma, gave an interview with Vasily Golovanov and told how Alexei Navalny was killed.

The Russian opposition activist confidently stated that Navalny was definitely killed: “According to our intelligence, this is a violent deprivation of life, which is called murder: Navalny was forcibly deprived of life, and he died not from exhaustion, but from a deliberate action, which is called premeditated murder or reprisal.”

After that, Gennady Gudkov suggested how Navalny was killed: "It is clear that they killed him, at first he was deliberately hidden for a month to see what the reaction would be. Navalny was deliberately stained there so that the body was weakened so as not to fail again with a dose of poison. This, most likely, was the poison: new types of poisons have an accumulating effect. It is quite clear that all these obscurations will not bring them good."

“Will the murder of Navalny be a 'black swan' for Putin? Probably, it will be, just not today, that is, I believe that protests are inevitable in the Russian Federation," Gudkov added.

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