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Man Tries To Strangle Belarusian Woman In Centre Of Warsaw

Man Tries To Strangle Belarusian Woman In Centre Of Warsaw

Doctors are fighting for the girl's life.

On Sunday, February 25, a 23-year-old Belarusian woman was found unconscious in the centre of Warsaw with signs of strangulation on her body. The girl was resuscitated and taken to hospital in a critical condition. Doctors are fighting for her life. In the evening of the same day, a young man was detained, who, according to the investigation, was involved in the attack. The case against him was initiated under articles related to rape and attempted murder, MOST writes.

The girl was found in the stairwell of house No 47 in Żurawia Street. According to Polish media, she was naked. The information about the crime varies. Miejski Reporter informed that the perpetrator attacked the victim from behind and put a knife to her throat, dragged her into the gate of the house, raped her and then started strangling her. Other resources citing police do not confirm the knife attack episode.

After committing the crime, the man made purchases in a shop near the crime scene, got on a tram and left. He was detained in a flat in Warsaw's Mokotów neighbourhood at around 6.30pm the same day. According to various sources, he is between 23 and 30 years old. Miejski Reporter said that police found literature on the subject of murder and rape at his home. According to TVP.info, the detainee has a history of drug problems.

On February 27, the man will be interrogated and charged. He faces life imprisonment.

It was initially reported that the victim was a Ukrainian woman. However, on February 26, Miejski Reporter and TVP.info informed that the girl was a citizen of Belarus.

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