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Three Men Attack Belarusian Border Guard

Three Men Attack Belarusian Border Guard

The incident happened in the border zone near Hrodna.

The State Border Committee announced the detention of three citizens of Belarus who are suspected of attacking a border guard. According to the State Police, the incident occurred on February 10.

“The Hrodna border guard, based on operational information, identified three unknown people in the border zone. The men attempted to launch a drone to carry out illegal activities, but a soldier prevented the drone from launching. At the time of detention, the attackers did not comply with lawful demands, and attacked the border guard. Then all three fled in a car,” the committee said.

Two suspects were detained by border guards on February 14 on the M-6 highway in cooperation with a “Delta” separate specialized battalion of the State Traffic Inspectorate with the force support of riot police. Another one was detained later in the village of Vasilevichy, Hrodna region.

A criminal case has been initiated under Part 1 of Article 366 of the Criminal Code (violence or threat against an official performing official duties or another person performing a public duty). One of the defendants was placed in a pre-trial detention center. Two are under obligation not to leave the place.

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