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‘Belaruskaya Vyvedka’: Putin Snarled At Lukashenka In Kazan

‘Belaruskaya Vyvedka’: Putin Snarled At Lukashenka In Kazan

After this, the dictator began to lash out at the encirclement and hurried to the airport.

Sources of the Belaruskaya Vyvedka Telegram channel reported that Lukashenka’s visit to Kazan on February 21 did not go according to plan.

Lukashenka initially tried to “excuse himself” from the visit, referring to the elections, and also avoided communication with Tokayev. Upon arrival, everything seemed to go well, he talked with the “president” of Tatarstan, and received an order.

Then there was an unpleasant short but emotional conversation with Putin. An atmosphere of mutual irritation hung in the air... The entire staff of the Belarusian delegation felt this. After the conversation, Lukashenka literally began to lash out at those accompanying him. The joint dinner took place in a conventional, dry atmosphere; a heavy mood hung in the air in the Putin-Lukashenka-Tokayev triangle.

Having referred to the imminent “elections”, Lukashenka hurried to the airport.

“We don’t know the details of that conversation, but sources say the “misunderstanding” continues to this day. As a result, the Russian Federation raised prices for crude oil for Belarusian refineries and in the near future we should expect new “gifts” for the export of Belarusian goods to the Russian Federation,” write the authors of the channel.

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