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‘Surprises’ For Russian Occupiers In The Black Sea: Ukrainian Navy’s Involvement

‘Surprises’ For Russian Occupiers In The Black Sea: Ukrainian Navy’s Involvement

The Russian Federation has reduced its activity so as not to lose another ship.

The Defense Intelligence of Ukraine works in close cooperation or with the involvement of the Naval Forces when planning and conducting operations in the Black Sea region. This was announced today, February 28, on the FREEDOM TV channel by the speaker of the Ukrainian Navy, 3rd rank captain Dmytro Pletenchuk.

“All operations that take place in the Ukrainian zone of responsibility in the Black Sea region take place in close cooperation or with the involvement of the Navy. Therefore, at the planning and even application stage, of course, we either take a direct part, or an advisory role, or we can provide these processes. Because every operation consists of many elements, and many of these elements are not visible in videos like this, when we see, for example, how another drone destroys another Russian ship. In fact, this is the tip of the iceberg, this is the culmination that can be shown. But in order for this operation to take place, there are many stages, many elements and different types of support,” he said.

The speaker noted that the Russian occupiers have reduced their activity so as not to lose another ship, and are looking for a means of counteraction.

“The enemy, of course, is taking measures to disperse units, to camouflage them, electronic warfare is working, in general, there are a lot of tools. But of course, lately they haven’t dared to go out to sea again. And we see this by the number of ships at sea, of which on average now, in the last few days, there are one or two units. And, as a rule, launch vehicles do not go to sea now,” Pletenchuk said.

At the same time, the speaker stated that it is difficult to talk about Ukraine’s dominance in the Black Sea when Russian aviation is constantly present in the airspace.

“And if on the water, in principle, in the water area, they understand the limits of what is permissible, they understand that approaching the shore is dangerous, then, unfortunately, Russian aviation is present in this same area in the airspace. Therefore, it is difficult to call it dominance. It’s more like a gray zone, a big one, 25 thousand plus kilometers,” Pletenchuk said.

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