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HIMARS Destroys Dozens Of Russian Marines At Formation During Awarding Ceremony In Olenivka

HIMARS Destroys Dozens Of Russian Marines At Formation During Awarding Ceremony In Olenivka

Four high-ranking officers were liquidated, a brigade commander was wounded.

On Tuesday, February 27, Ukrainian HIMARS MLRS hit the third accumulation of Russian occupants in February, reports dialog.ua.

This time a part of the elite 155th Marine Brigade of the Russian Armed Forces from Vladivostok was smashed. The Spy's Dossier resource was the first to report the incident.

The strike was carried out at about 7:00 pm on a concentration of Russian marines in the occupied village of Olenivka, which is southwest of Donetsk. The settlement is about 13 kilometres from the front line.

"The command was holding an assembly in honour of awarding individual servicemen of the brigade who distinguished themselves in the SMO. The strike was carried out by two HIMARS MLRS missiles... The event was held near the monument to the unknown soldier of the Great Patriotic War. The monument was destroyed," the resource reported.

According to its data, 19 Russian soldiers were eliminated in the attack, 12 more were wounded.

Colonel Mikhail Gudkov, commander of the 155th Separate Marine Brigade, is among the wounded. His deputy Lieutenant Colonel Roman Kozhukhov is travelling home in a zinc coffin. Captain Nail Shakhmanov and Major Alexander Abilov are also among the dead.

According to the resource, the command of the Russian Marines was aware that an AFU reconnaissance drone was at work in the area of the assembly. However, it did not give any importance to this information.

The information was confirmed by the Russian telegram channel of "Kremlin Snuffbox", citing sources in the Russian General Staff.

"We confirm the information about the missile strike on the formation of our military. In order not to please the enemy, we tell only those details that cannot be concealed... The strike was carried out on the formation (yes, again, this is some kind of nightmare) of the military, who were gathered for awarding," the channel reported.

It specified that 21 Russian military men were eliminated in the strike, another 37 were wounded, of which 9 were in very serious condition.

The traitor of Ukraine Oleg Tsarev also spoke out about the incident. He said that the commanders of the Russian Armed Forces continue to line up soldiers in rows, setting them up for AFU strikes.

"They talk about another award in front of the formation and about another strike with HIMARS MLRS missiles on our servicemen and the subsequent losses. Unteachable. I do not give details so as not to please the enemy," he complained.

It should be noted that this is already the third time in February that the Ukrainians have hit clusters of the Russian Armed Forces in the occupied territories.

The first one happened at the beginning of the month near Dokuchayevsk. Moscow is hiding the information, but details have leaked to the Net. Hundreds of Russian military could have been hit, the number of liquidated and wounded is unknown.

The second incident was more high-profile, as footage of the aftermath leaked to the Web. Then HIMARS hit a large group of Russian military near Volnovakha, they were lined up at the firing range to wait for the general's arrival. Preliminarily, 68 Russian occupants lost their lives there.

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