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Two Invaders Froze Deserter In House Basement Following Commander’s Order

Two Invaders Froze Deserter In House Basement Following Commander’s Order

The Russian deserter refused to return to the front.

In the Kirov region of the Russian Federation, a car with two occupiers and a corpse in the trunk was stopped. The deceased was their comrade.

According to the Base channel, on the night of February 23, the police stopped Lada Granta. When the driver stopped, the passenger opened the door and tried to escape, but unsuccessfully. Opening the trunk, the police understood the reason for the escape - a dead man's body was there. The victim, 44-year-old Roman Shishkin, was a local villager of Rudnychny.

During the interrogation of the driver Alexey S. and the passenger Igor G., it turned out that Roman was a contract soldier. Still, he recently left his base and went home. The commander allegedly asked Alexei and Igor, who also lived in the Kirov region, to return the fugitive. They found a deserter, but they failed to reach an agreement with Roman - he refused to return to the front.

Then the man was beaten and transported to Kirov, where he was thrown naked into the basement. Sometimes the attackers went into the basement to beat up Roman again. A few days later, Shishkin died. Igor and Alexei tried to take the body out of the city, at that moment they were stopped by police. According to the Base, the examination showed that Roman died of hypothermia. The suspects were arrested.

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