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Mass 'Plane-Fall': Russia Loses 11th Unit Of Aviation

Mass 'Plane-Fall': Russia Loses 11th Unit Of Aviation

It has been explained by the AFU.

The mass shooting down of Russian planes in February 2024 is a response of the Ukrainian defence forces to the increasing presence of enemy aviation in the east of Ukraine.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to the statement of Colonel, speaker of the AFU Air Force Command Yuri Ignat during a TV marathon.

"The enemy has built up the air presence in the eastern direction. Accordingly there was a response of the top military leadership. And the Air Force is doing what you see. They (Russian aircraft, - ed.) are being shot down rather far away, let's not mention the exact distance," he said.

That is, according to Ignat, "Russian pilots, are no longer so brazen, they are not flying that close."

"They need to fly closer for the bomb to fly further, because the bomb plans, it has no engine of its own, it glides down and flies, descending, loses speed. Therefore, they (Russian pilots, - ed.) need to take risks in order to hit further, and by taking risks they get into such situations as today's (shooting down of Su-34, - ed.)," he stated.

In addition, according to Ignat, Ukraine has more means to reach the enemy on the distant approaches and this is "very important".

Destroying Russian Planes

On February 29, the AFU destroyed a Russian Su-34 fighter jet. It became the eleventh aircraft that the occupants have lost since February 17. It was on that day that the AFU Air Force destroyed three Russian planes - two Su-34 fighter-bombers and a Su-35 fighter. They were also shot down on the eastern front.

We remind you that literally on February 27 and 26 it became known about the shooting down of two more Su-34s. In addition, on February 23, RBC-Ukraine sources in the Defence Forces reported that a Russian A-50 aircraft was shot down over the Sea of Azov. This is the second A-50 that the AFU has destroyed since the start of the war.

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