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Interesting Incident Involving ‘Escape’ Of Russian Ships Occurs Near The Bosphorus

Interesting Incident Involving ‘Escape’ Of Russian Ships Occurs Near The Bosphorus

The Ukrainian Navy revealed details.

Speaker of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Dmytro Pletenchuk spoke about an interesting case in the Black Sea with the “escape” of Russian ships.

During the telethon, he said that the situation at sea is stable, and that the Russian fleet is now “limited” in its actions.

“There is not much activity. Now there is only one unit in the Black Sea,” the speaker said.

Speaking about the Black Sea, Pletenchuk noted that the trend has been there for a long time. We are talking about “the inability, in principle, to carry out their activities in the way they are used to” and “the absence of a presence in the central part of the Black Sea, south of the Crimea, because the enemy also perfectly understands the danger.”

“Even recently, an interesting incident occurred when they set out in two ship units to escort their ships from the Bosphorus. This happens infrequently, about once a month. But at some point they turned around and went back,” he said.

The speaker added that it is difficult to say why this happened. They may have received information about the danger.

“And these ships were forced to move along the territories of the Turkish Republic, actually hiding in the territorial waters of the Turkish Republic. That is, not the shortest route, not the one they usually use, but they went out to sea and ran to the corners,” Pletenchuk noted.

Thus, he noted, the situation implies that “a positive trend for us is visible in the Black Sea.”

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