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Famous Athlete Secretly Convicted On Her Return To Belarus

Famous Athlete Secretly Convicted On Her Return To Belarus

The verdict became known.

As it became known to the Tribuna, the court sentenced the triathlete Valiantsina Zelenkevich to two years of home arrest to. According to the publication, the verdict is related to Zelenkevich's participation in the 2020 peaceful protests.

At the end of August 2020, Zelenkevich did not extend her contract at the Minsk Triathlon Club "Tristyle".

As the athlete said, the club director Dzmitry Talkachou promised her to continue cooperation but refused it after he saw Zelenkevich's "protest" post on Instagram with a photo of her standing with a White-Red-White flag on the roadway during one of the peaceful protest actions.

In the fall of 2020, Zelenkevich moved to Russia, where she continued to train, and also worked as a triathlon and swimming coach.

According to the Tribuna, some time ago Zelenkevich came back to Belarus, and soon after that she was detained and remained behind bars until the recent trial. The date of the trial is not called.

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