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Boryslav Bereza: Putin Received Strong Blow At Crucial Moment

Boryslav Bereza: Putin Received Strong Blow At Crucial Moment

The Kremlin is confused.

The Freedom of Russia Legion, the Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC) and the Sibir Battalion entered the Kursk and Belgorod regions of the Russian Federation as part of a joint operation.

Charter97.org asked Boryslav Bereza, a Ukrainian politician and former member of the Verkhovna Rada, to comment on it:

— The peoples of Russia are fighting against the Kremlin regime, that's clear. Moreover, they came on the captured Russian armors, also, there is no Ukrainian influence here at all. Russia has the right to get rid of Putin and it will do this with the help of its patriots, and not with the help of Ukraine. Therefore, I fully support the actions to liberate the BPR [the Belgorod People's Republic - Ed.] and the KPR [the Kursk People's Republic Ed.] from the Kremlin occupation authorities.

At the moment, the Kremlin is confused, they, as always, were delusioned by their fantasies and faced with a reality that hit Putin hard enough right before the election and shows that he actually brought the war to Russia.

— The Russian volunteers broke through the border with so many tanks for the first time. Why was the enemy unable to detect an accumulation of armored vehicles near their borders?

— Firstly, I must say that this is a very well-planned military operation. And secondly, the Russians are too self-confident, they always believe that they are doing well, and when things get bad, they cannot understand the reason.

In addition to these two stages, there is another point that should not be forgotten. On the side that is now temporarily occupied by Russia (this is the Bryansk region, this is the Kursk region) there are other patriots who helped representatives of the liberation movements to enter the territory of Russia.

There are a lot of sympathizers, those who believe that everyone supports Putin are making a big mistake. A sufficiently large number of patriots who can join and become a single force are present in various structures and institutions of the Russian Federation. All of them are ready to help if they see a real opportunity to change the situation in Russia.

— There are reports on the capture of the village of Lozovaya Rudka by volunteers, as well as about the shooting in Belgorod. How far can a raid by Russian volunteer forces advance?

— Wait, now there is even a battle for Tetkino. But it is important to emphasize that they do not capture, they liberate this territory from the Kremlin authorities. They are Russians, Russian citizens have every right to free themselves from the corrupt mafia regime, which has unleashed a war with Ukraine and is robbing its own people. Therefore, the Russians, who were able to create paramilitary associations, are currently engaged in liberating their territory from the occupational criminal regime, no more and no less.

If some separate groups begin to join them, then we will see different scenarios, not only Kursk or Bryansk.

We'll see and time will show. Although, I must say that the time for Putin will be the most expensive now. He is afraid of any situations before the elections, so he will most likely transfer the maximum number of troops and forces there to extinguish the situation.

— If we go deeper into the topic of Putin's "elections", what will change and how will the raid of three battalions of volunteers deep into Russia affect the situation?

— It depends on their result. You see, today, for example, in Murmansk, people in the cold lined up to buy capelin, the cheapest capelin that can be. Not for some salmon or like that, not even for herring, but for a capelin, which is the cheapest junk fish. So, the Russians lined up to buy it for the simple reason that they can't afford anything more. A huge queue stands for capelin with the hope that they are a great and developed country, the first economy in the world or Europe.

Russians live in myths, and the only thing that can bring them back to reality is drastic changes. Even the beggars standing in line for the capelin believe that they are as great as the state. Unfortunately, people do not want to recognize the reality – Russia is a gas station with a nuclear suitcase now. It threw everything into the crucible of war and even the interests of its citizens actually despised and is engaged only in realizing Putin's fantasies and dreams.

Therefore, the Russians will react only when something changes dramatically. This is how they reacted, for example, to Prigozhin's march. He was heading to Moscow with almost no resistance, like a knife through butter. Almost no one could stop him, although there were not so many people there. It's just that the Russians did not know how to react — what if he was the future tsar, and they would come out against him?

It's scary for them, it will be the same now. Therefore, depending on the results of the volunteers, we will be able to say what will happen next. The Russians will support any force that wins, they are used to supporting any force. You know, Russians are not even slaves, slaves rebel, and this is just biomass that agrees with the one who calls himself its master.

— Analysts pay attention to the fact that some of the Russian generals are interested in ending the war with Ukraine. Such a position, in their opinion, made possible Prigozhin's lightning march on Moscow. Is it possible to repeat such a situation and who can become the "second Prigozhin"?

— The question is not even who will become the "second Prigozhin", it will most likely be a joint action. The question is what forces can unite around this raid. It is no secret that Russia is a country ruled by the FSB and the GRU, it is a country of special services. If at the moment the military can turn the tide and seize the reins of power, then we can see a completely different scenario.

— Is there a possibility of such a raid in Belarus? What can make Lukashenka flee Minsk, as Putin once fled Moscow?

— If Putin falls, Lukashenka will run away, no raids will be needed. He is old, he is coward, he is like in Boris Grebenshchikov's song "Old Man Kozlodoev" — he is old and he wants to go home. Lukashenka wants to hide somewhere, he is afraid of his future, he is afraid for his family and he realizes that Putin's fall is a death sentence not only for him, but actually for his family. Therefore, as soon as the first threat suddenly arises, he will flee to wherever he can, maybe to China, maybe somewhere else. You won't even need a raid.

— Belarus, like Russia, can be called a country of special services. Lukashenka doesn't believe he can be protected by them, does he?

— When Putin falls, they will all think only about their personal survival, and not about protecting the dictator. They understand very well what will happen next — no one canceled the domino reaction.

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