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IDF: Hamas Internal Security Boss Liquidated

IDF: Hamas Internal Security Boss Liquidated

He was hiding with weapons in the building of the hospital.

The IDF announced the liquidation of the head of the Hamas Internal Security. According to Israel, Faek Mabhouh, a senior official of the terrorist organization, was killed during an operation at Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip. Mahbouh was responsible for “coordinating Hamas's terrorist activities in the Gaza Strip,” BILD reports.

Mabhouh was killed after intelligence received information about the presence of senior Hamas members at Shifa Hospital, the Israeli army said. The statement reads that he was hiding with a weapon in the building of the hospital complex and was killed in a clash with the military. Several weapons were found in the room next to his hideout.

According to information from Gaza, the victim was the brother of another Hamas official, Mahmoud Mabhouh, who was killed in Dubai in 2010. Dubai police then accused the Israeli secret service Mossad of involvement in the crime. One of the charges against Mahmoud Mabhouh was that he procured weapons for Hamas.

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