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Full Blow In Putin’s Face

Full Blow In Putin’s Face

A claim has been made.

Russia responded to Putin’s sloth-like “old songs about the main things” with mass participation in Navalny’s funeral in Moscow and flowers in his memory in Russian cities.

The blow to the face of the authorities came into open gloves — between Putin’s message and his “elections”. The propaganda myth of “consolidation” around Putin with his military agenda has collapsed. Moreover, this was not the first blow — first there were queues for the anti-war agenda of candidate Nadezhdin.

They could fail to show Navalny’s funeral in the news, but in the age of the Internet it is impossible to hide the truth — there is a demand for change in the country, there is mass support for change.

If people, in the midst of repression, come out to support what is dear to them, what will happen when Putinism fades away? A claim for the future has been made. And the whole country is shown that it has a future.

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