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Media: French Special Forces May Enter Ukraine

Media: French Special Forces May Enter Ukraine

Macron's idea was continued.

The recent statement by French President Emmanuel Macron, who did not rule out sending Western troops to Ukraine, became a real sensation and continues to be actively discussed by European politicians, as well as the media.

As the French publication Monde reports, citing its sources, Paris is considering the possibility of allowing French special forces and other military units of the country to cross the border with Ukraine in order to pose a “strategic dilemma” to the Kremlin.

According to the newspaper, France’s military presence in Ukraine “could protect some Ukrainian territories” and limit attacks from the Russian Federation.

The publication also quotes the words of an unnamed Ukrainian diplomatic source, who said that “all allied states are present” in Ukraine. However, this does not refer to combat units, but, for example, about intelligence representatives.

In turn, Le Figaro writes that Macron is gathering leaders of French parties for a meeting on March 7 to discuss the war in Ukraine.

According to journalists, the French leader’s camp intends to make the war in Ukraine and the attitude towards the Russian Federation the theme of the election campaign for the elections to the European Parliament in June of this year.

Head of Macron's list Valérie Hayer supported the president's words about the possible sending of troops to Ukraine, saying that “no option can be ruled out”.

“We do not intend to tell Vladimir Putin that we are going to exclude the possibility of self-defense in principle: these are strategic basic principles,” she said.

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