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‘We Are Waiting For Changes!’

‘We Are Waiting For Changes!’

Spontaneous memorials to Navalny have sprung up in Moscow.

This morning, people continued to bring flowers to the Borisovo cemetery, where Alexei Navalny was buried yesterday, and spontaneous memorials appeared on the snow in the neighboring blocks.

Although in the regions of the Russian Federation security forces and housing and communal services employees have been trying to liquidate memorials in memory of Navalny since the evening, in Moscow microdistricts, where a funeral procession of thousands took place yesterday, the authorities have not yet stopped people from saying goodbye to the murdered opposition leader, MO correspondents report. People are also allowed into the cemetery: the mountain of flowers at Navalny’s grave continues to grow.

Small memorials also appeared near Navalny’s burial place — in Maryono and Orekhovo-Borisovo. In memory of Navalny, candles are lit, people make his name out of flowers, and put up lanterns with the names of other murdered politicians and journalists — Boris Nemtsov, Anna Politkovskaya.

Slogans are also written on metal barriers — not only mourning ones, but also political ones: “We are the power here!” “Russia will be free!” “Navalny is alive!” “We are waiting for changes!”

The crowded funeral showed that Navalny had won a moral victory, stated political scientist Abbas Gallyamov in an interview on the Khodorkovsky Live channel. “And if there is a revolution in Russia, then it is possible that at its final stage Navalny (with the consent of his relatives) will be reburied in a place more appropriate to the scale of this personality, as it happened with the protest leaders in Czechoslovakia after Havel’s victory,” said Abbas Gallyamov.

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