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New Imagery Depicting ‘Cemeteries’ Of Russian Armored Vehicles Appears

New Imagery Depicting ‘Cemeteries’ Of Russian Armored Vehicles Appears

Interesting details have been unveiled.

New photographs of “cemeteries” of destroyed Russian armored vehicles have appeared online.

Ukrainian aerial reconnaissance marine Х Kriegsforscher posted the corresponding photos on his social network account.

As IDF officer Yigal Levin notes, analyzing the images, an important detail is the extremely high concentration of old and non-standard Russian equipment in these cemeteries — T-62 tanks without dynamic protection, BTR-80, not upgraded to the level of BTR-82, as well as a huge number of MT-LBs used as armored personnel carriers for infantry. Also, as the military expert notes, for the first time there has been an attempt to install a mine trawl on the MT-LB, although it is usually installed on tanks.

“The Kremlin is clearly betting on continuing the offensive with any forces, regardless of what weapons they have,” Levin believes.

Earlier, military expert Oleksandr Kovalenko noted that Russia entered a full-scale war against Ukraine, having one of the most impressive indicators in terms of the number of armored combat vehicles. However, as of today, this figure has more than halved. At the same time, production makes up no more than 20% of the products supplied to the troops.

And since rare “museum” variations of armored fighting vehicles began to appear in the combat zone, this indicates that the Russian military-industrial complex does not have time to compensate for losses, Kovalenko notes.

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